robotization of life?

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Hi Myriam, thanks for another beautiful article!

I find it really difficult to understand, as you said, that

The traditional understanding of the passage of time is that it is unfolding from the center and perfection, and thus, is a process of decline“.

I cannot identify the “force” or process that could produce such a result.
Could it be the robotization of the human mind? I mean, the increasing concern of the mind with the “here and now”, causing a disconnection from the more intuitive / contemplative aspects of existence?

Anyway, I know for sure that we’re living a period of lack of fundamental discoveries in science and an important period of change of paradigm is necessarily coming. Science has been absorbed by the machine of Capitalism + Politics, and lost its original vigor.

The fact that, for example, we have not been able to identify any other intelligent species outside of our Planet Earth — at the same time that our technology is supposed to be so “sophisticated” that we can send a probe to Pluto and have all those beautiful images and information about the Planet, that appeared on the MSM recently — is one of those things that makes you very suspicious about the real ability of our science to understand the Universe.

We’re also living a time when human sexuality has become one of the central aspects of human life, as if we were an “adolescent species” discovering it’s true sexual nature. This “discovery” seems to be pointing towards the empowerment of the feminine in human culture, in general.

Do you see any chance that the present “robotization” of human life could be reversed, by whatever external or internal agents (to humanity) that could make humans review their position in the Universe and their perceptions of their own lives?

BTW, do you think our present rendezvous with Pluto now has any special astrological significance?

Hi Myriam, just a question, you said
There is a physical reason for the misalignment and a metaphysical reason. The physical reason is due to a slight wobble in the Earth’s orbit, the fixed stars and constellations appear to move very, very slight amount every year. This is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. The metaphysical reason is that physical manifestation is in constant flux and change, and the movement of time is a movement away from the Center and Perfection.

Using this analogy, if the Precession of the Equinoxes is a periodic, repetitive motion, shouldn’t the “movement [of the creature] away from the Center and Perfection [God]” also have the same periodicity?

If the Precession stopped, would this imply Astrologically, that the movement away from the Center, has stopped too?

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