Spike in NP temps at the end of December 2015.

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Thus, while the hemisphere as a whole is cooler, individual areas may alternately break temperature and precipitation records at both extremes. If global temperatures should fall even further, the effects could be considerably more drastic.

Depending on the amount of energy still stored on the oceans, due to the solar grand maximum of the XX century, we may see some abnormal localized high (and cold) temperatures, but with solar radiation declining this scenario will probably not last very long.
Probably not after 2017 world’s temperatures should stabilize with marked lower averages than now.

If this happens, this El Nino, and following La Nina, will define another step change in world’s temps- similar to the 1997-2001 event- this time breaking the “hiatus” towards a *lowering trend* worldwide.

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The superposition of DMI graphs is very instructive. It’s clear that the general temperatures of the NP in 1964 (minimum between cycles #19 and #20) were lower than in 2015 (end of maximum of present cycle-24), but the spike in December is analogous and more intense than the present one.

I believe the “never-ending” El Nino of this year combined with declining AMO and solar radiations (in general) is causing chaos to Earth’s climate.
The EUV radiation spiked this year to levels even higher than 2011 and 2014,
(look at the first graph for E10.7 flux)

and we can see also a “little spike” in the last few weeks, with index close to 200, which is somewhat “anomalous” because the F10.7 flux has been generally low recently, around 110 or lower.

It seems clear that we’re entering the declining phase of the present cycle (similar to the period 2005-07 of cycle-23), but the recent little enhancement of EUV is probably delaying the end of the El Nino and producing localized regions of abnormal weather all over the world.

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